Making a referral

Anyone can make a referral to Jigsaw for counselling. You can contact the office on 028 9543 8166 or 07539 250941 or email tanya@jigsawccc.co.uk.

We will ask you a few brief questions about what is bringing you to counselling at this time, and your availability for sessions. Your referral will then be placed on our waiting list until a suitable appointment is available at which time we will notify you by text.

The offer will remain open for 48 hours and you can confirm by either texting back or calling the office to schedule a different time.

What will happen next?

The first appointment is an assessment session and is an opportunity for you and the counsellor to meet, lay out the working relationship, and to begin to explore what problems you may be having. This session is also a chance to ask any questions you may have about the process of counselling.

At the end of this session, if you have decided you would like to continue, your counsellor would talk through the counselling agreement and schedule six sessions. At the end of the six sessions you will both review your work together and decide if more sessions are required.

For children attending art or play therapy this first assessment session is with parent or carers only, with the children commencing session 1 the following week.


We offer a free counselling service to all clients. To continue providing this we encourage donations wherever possible, however if you are unable to make a donation it does not exclude you from our services.

There is usually a waiting list for our free service so should you wish to see one of our counsellors privately there is a sliding payment scale available. All enquiries can be made to info@jigsawccc.co.uk