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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy enables individuals of all ages to work through difficult issues that hold them back from realising their full potential, in a safe and confidential setting.

Why use Art Therapy?

It can be helpful for those who find it difficult to express thoughts and feelings verbally through traditional talking therapies.

At Jigsaw we provide children and young people with an easier and more familiar way to understand and express their feelings. Art making encourages the expression of thoughts and feelings without having to use words.

Art Therapy is not about ‘being good at art’. You need no previous skill or special ability in art making.

Where does Art Therapy take place?

Art Therapy takes place in the HeART Room at Jigsaw. This is a private room where children can talk freely about their feelings, knowing that what they say will not be repeated unless they specifically authorise the Art Therapist to tell someone, or in the event that the child is at risk. If the child is at risk then Jigsaw’s Child Protection Policy is followed.


How long does Art Therapy last?

Following an initial assessment meeting, your child will be offered 6 sessions of Art Therapy. Following review there may then be the option to continue. Each session will last for 45 minutes.